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Club 8 Night Club Design by voodoosimon Club 8 Night Club Design by voodoosimon
First draft for a night club in Portsmouth, UK. Any thoughts?
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voodoosimon Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010
Hey Jazmin!

The idea behind the calendar was really just to inform users that an event of some description is happening on a certain day. The idea been when the user clicks on a button it takes them to a comprehensive events page with events on this day/month more clearly displayed.

In a sense its acting as more of a hook/advert to inform users that such a function is available to them. I would expect most users would find the page it re-directs to of some use, however this could have been a wasted effort if not clearly advertised.

I am undecided about separating the right hand content areas, it is what i'd usually do as a convention, but in this case the page does become somewhat fragmented and a bit busy when separated due to the varying page elements. It also creates a fair amount of additional scroll hight which may effect page balance should the admin of the CMS have pages void of a few left hand content areas.

Excuse my lazy footer, there will likely be a newsletter sign up and social well as the generic copyright etc. I've really just put this up to get a little feedback before i go much further.

So thanks a lot for your comments!
photoghost Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2010   Interface Designer
Hey hey!

All valid justifications :)

I can see what you're saying about the right column items. Maybe they could be varied on the internal pages? Or you could do something with a latest tweet in the header thus eliminating that box? Or somehow simplifying the right column. I realise social media's probably very important for these guys though.

Do you still use a sketchbook? I'm always curious to hear from uni people about this, since they went on and on about how much they get used in industry... I have one by choice but every project usually only gets one A3 page.
voodoosimon Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2010
Hey Jazmin,

I'll confess that in a uni sense I can probably not be defined as a sketchbook user. (I never was a huge fan at uni, usually spent more time with a blank Photoshop canvas playing with things)

I always take a "business folder" whatever that really means, to business meets. Other than its obvious uses in terms of taking down notes etc, i often use it to draw diagrams to illustrate information management to clients, a typical example might be that of a flow diagram illustrating how content moves from blog to facebook to twitter and so forth.

I guess I still use scraps of paper to plan complex projects, but again this is more down to clarifying where information/interaction is coming from and where its going to.

Are you still an avid user of sketchbooks? Or has the time restrictions of real deadlines somewhat taken over?!

Take care,
photoghost Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010   Interface Designer
It's always interesting to hear how people work after uni. I don't have sketchbooks like at uni either, I just have the big one where I sketch out layouts randomly when I feel like it - I come from a fine art background which is probably why I'm more comfortable starting a site like this. No one ever sees them but me so really it's just to help solidify my ideas before I go crazy with Photoshop - which sometimes I find restrictive when it comes to ideas, I end up focussing to much on one little bit and forget the big picture.

I do kind of wish there was more time for sketchbooking but that's probably just the artist in me missing the messiness that comes with art not on a computer. I'm the only designer at work so I don't have the luxury of time, so yeah, deadlines! Not like our uni deadlines are they? Haha.

Has this site been submitted to the client or are you still tweaking it? Have you found a solution for the right col?
voodoosimon Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2010
Oh and in reply to the right hand column issue, it had crossed my mind to perhaps integrate it into the header, but like you pointed out, the image and the illusion of interaction is very central to the brand. Displaying one tweet might be prohibitive in this sense. In terms of SEO also i'd like to be able to archive the tweet content, so that the website itself receives maximum usefulness in both terms of interaction with clients but also in terms of key words and SEO.
photoghost Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010   Interface Designer
Personally not a fan of events calendars, simply because you have to click on a day - oh that's not what I want - go back, click a different day, rinse, repeat. Unless you're going to have some kind of tooltip-esque pop up? Lists organised by month just tend to be easier to navigate is all.

I'm guessing there'll be something in the footer? I'd have space between the right hand boxes too just because each thing does seem to be it's own thing, I guess because some of them go all the way across and break up the column anyway?

It's cool :) Liking the purple!
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